What Avon School Officials Were Doing While You Were on Summer Vacation

Superintendent Gary Mala addressed summer district accomplishments with the Board of Education last week.

For many, summer is a quieter time (or intended to be, anyways) for vacations and relaxing.

But for leaders,  it is possibly the busiest time of the year.

And here's why.

Superintendent Gary Mala presented the Board of Education with an extensive list of everything accomplished over the summer at last week's regular meeting.

The attached PDF describes them in more detail, but here are some of the highlights:


  • Wireless was installed in all schools.
  • Interactive white boards were installed in every classroom.
  • The school district has gotten iPad carts for the schools.
  • Mala reported that the district has also gotten document cameras for the schools
  • This summer, school officials secured laptop computers for all teachers.
  • now has an upgraded video broadcast lab for broadcast journalism classes, video projects and communication purposes.
  • The computer lab was relocated within the high school so it can accommodate more students.
  • Lights on the high school stage were replaced.
  • Video projectors were installed in the high school auditorium.
  • Installation of the new music lab at has been completed.


  • The new five-year strategic plan and 2012-13 staff reorganization have been implemented, as well as an initiative to use volunteers for alternative resources grant writing.


  • Last year the school district began transitioning to new financial software and the administration is now using BudgetSense.
  • Salary agreements were "revised and implanted" for all staff positions.
  • Increased enrollment of the Choice program generated more "unbudgeted revenue."


  • are underway with the Custodians Association, Avon Education Association and school health professionals.
  • District staff negotiated stipends for all "non-athletic co-curricular positions."


  • The floors in the hallways at Avon Middle School, and have been replaced.
  • Contractors did asbestos abatement in one classroom.
  • Exterior staircase from Avon High School parking lot to track and fields completed.
  • A Pine Grove School conference room for private meetings has a new window now that is frosted for privacy and lets in more natural light.
  • All gym floors have been resurfaced.
  • Avon High School fire alarms and classroom doors were upgraded to comply with ADA requirements.
  • Avon schools will have remote control handicapped-accessible doors.
  • Ductwork was done by contractors at Roaring Brook School and Pine Grove School.
  • Avon Middle School heat valves have been repaired.
  • The Avon High School baseball field has been renovated.
  • There is now a scoreboard on the Avon High School field hockey field. F
  • Four fire doors have been put into Avon Middle School.
  • The Avon Middle School counseling office has newly resurfaced walls now.
  • after a water leak this summer has been mitigated. The classrooms are cleaned up and ready to go for students' arrival.

Another noteworthy accomplishment is the new set-up of the Avon Community Room for Board of Education meetings. The room has been flipped, so the board's table is now where the public used to sit and the audience will now sit on the opposite side of the room, facing the window. New microphones have been installed to amplify the sound of board members and school officials speaking at meetings.

Of these accomplishments, which matter the most to you? Are there any other improvements you'd like to see in Avon Public Schools? Tell us in the comments!


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