When Will Roaring Brook School Get Its New Playground?

The community's wish for a new and safer playground for their children to play on at recess and after school is getting closer to coming true.

Roaring Brook School will soon be getting a new playground. Here's a look at the old playground in December of 2012. Credit: Jessie Sawyer
Roaring Brook School will soon be getting a new playground. Here's a look at the old playground in December of 2012. Credit: Jessie Sawyer
Playgrounds are for children, but Avon parents have long wanted a new playground for Roaring Brook School just as badly as their kids.

Come springtime, the Avon community will be one step closer to getting its new playground.  

"Things are progressing nicely with the playground. After more than a year of planning, fundraising, and collaboration with the public works department, we have ordered the new playground equipment and have plans to break ground as early as mid March, weather permitting," Heather Maguire, a new member to the Town Council and one of the people spearheading the project during her time as Roaring Brook's PTO president. 

The current playground, which is falling into decay, is due for an upgrade. It was built in the mid-1990s. The wooden structure is deteriorating and some of the wooden beams have rotted and "attracted bees nests" underneath, Roaring Brook PTO member Beth Mango previously said.  

"While the old playground was state of the art when we installed it, time had taken its toll, and continuing to replace broken parts and other maintenance became ineffective," Maguire said.

So, the plan is for Avon's Department of Public Works to demolish the current playground and prepare the site and for contractor Kompan to build a new one from the ground up. 

"The playscape construction begins offsite in a warehouse and will be brought to Roaring Brook School with the majority of the playscape assembled," Maguire said. 

Kompan will work with Public Works Director Bruce Williams throughout the installation process, which should take about two weeks, she said.

"We are very appreciative of the Roaring Brook Community for all their fundraising efforts over the years," Maguire said. "We also appreciate the Avon Board of Education's support of $25,000 from their building-use fund to support this playground."

The fundraising is still ongoing. Roaring Brook's PTO is selling sponsor bricks and benches through Feb. 5.  

"Donations are always welcomed and greatly appreciated," Maguire said. 

For more information, you can visit RBSPTO.org.


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