Would You Prefer a March Vacation for Avon Schools?

Read about how many parents responded to that question, as well as others, in a recent survey about the school calendar.

With make-up days for many weather-related school cancellations resulting in a later end to the school year, Avon school officials recently surveyed parents on their preferences for future school calendars.

District officials reported in materials presented to the school board for its March 19 meeting that 1,041 to 1,050 people responded to each of the five survey questions

Sixty-three percent of participants (664 people) responded that they would not prefer "to maintain a school calendar that has full weeks taken as vacation periods in February and April," according to survey results.

When asked whether they would "support not having vacation break in February and April and have a vacation break in March," 58 percent of participants (606) responded "yes," 31.6 percent said "no" (329) and 10.2 percent (106) answered "no preference."

The survey noted that a March break "is not possible until the next generation of state standardized assessments go into effect during the 2014-15 school year."

Nearly 59 percent (617) said that they don't want the schools to continue having a full week off in conjunction with President's Day, "starting on a Monday in February." However about 60.5 percent (636) said that they want to maintain a full week of April vacation.

The results that 47.1 percent (495) have no preference if the school calendar is "similar to the school calendars from surrounding towns," 39.5 percent (415), said that they would support one that is similar and 13.3 percent (140) said they wouldn't support a calendar that is similar to area towns.

Avon resident Robin Lasinsk wrote to Avon Superintendent of Schools Gary Mala that she does not think a whole week off for February vacation is necessary.

"I'd like to see Avon follow in the steps of New Hartford, Burlington and Canton and have 1 extra day to go along with President's Day. A nice 4 day weekend would be a great break," Lasinsk wrote. "Also, I have never really been a strong proponent of starting school prior to Labor Day. I don't remember ever doing it as a kid and for the most part Avon hasn't. With that being said, we really need to start late August to get a few extra days in or a jumpstart for whatever the winter months have in store for us."

The last day of school this year has been pushed to June 27 to account for five make-up days and the two most recent snow days will be made up in April Vacation.

What do you think? What are your preferences for the Avon Public Schools calendar? Tell us in the comments!


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