Oyere Etta, Fundraiser and Concert Organizer

Each week we honor the accomplishments of local children and students.

Name: Oyere Etta

Grade: 12th

School: Avon High School

Accomplishment: She helped juniors Juniors Nick Berns and Matt Mascolie organize a Rock Concert for Charity concert last week to benefit their prospective charities. For her senior project, Books for Africa, she is raising money to combat illiteracy. At the concert she raised $400 for her cause.

Key to Success: Etta is an advocate for the fight against illiteracy and helps others benefit based on her own education. She said she is frustrated with the rate of illiteracy in Africa and wants to do her part in helping bring knowledge to Africa.

There are many accomplished children and students in Avon who we may not have featured. If you have a nomination for a Young Avon Achiever, please submit the following information to Jessie.Sawyer@patch.com -- name, age/grade, school, accomplishment and the student's key to success. Please also send a JPEG profile photo.


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