Avon Community Sports Gallery

Share your kids' (or your) athletic accomplishments with neighbors in Avon.

Welcome to your Community Sports Gallery.

Every week, Avon Patch picks a Patchlete of the Week as a way to feature the talented athletes and key sports moments in the Avon community.

Avon Patch is also grateful for the parents, coaches and athletes who have , uploaded photos to the Avon community gallery and even to help us keep your community informed about the local sports scene.

Today we dedicate a new space for sports photos and videos so that we can feature them in your daily newsletter for all your neighbors to enjoy.

You can also add captions to photos to tell us about the events.

Here are five steps you need to post your write-ups and photos to the Avon Patch Sports Gallery:

  1. Log into Avon Patch (create an account if you don’t have one)
  2. Click on the “Upload Photos and Videos” button above
  3. Upload your photos and videos
  4. Make sure to include your write-ups of game results, sports awards and any other update on your sports team in the "Caption" area for your photos

You can also post an announcement (avon.patch.com/announcements/new) with photos if you want to get the word out about something by following the link provided or clicking on "Announcements" under the "News" tab on the homepage

Your Avon local editor, Jessie Sawyer will feature your photo(s) and write-ups in our daily newsletter, for thousands of your neighbors to see!

Thank you so much for using Patch, and please send any questions or comments to Jessie.Sawyer@patch.com. Avon Patch will feature the photos or announcements on the homepage, Facebook and Twitter.


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