Fields Close Due to Rain

The following information was provided by the Avon Recreation and Parks department.

Rain has muddied the playing fields for some sports, so the Avon Recreation and Parks Department has closed the following fields Thursday.


  • Fields 1, 3 and 4
  • fields
  • fields
  • fields

Iffy, but Open

  • "is iffy at best," according to an email the recreation department sent out to residents, but it will be up to the league whether or not to play. If there's any more rain, the field condition will likely worsen, according to the recreation department.


  • All soccer and lacrosse fields are open and "usable," according to the recreation department, but if it downpours, the fields could become unplayable for the evening. The recreation department asks that athletes use caution, especially since it is early in the season.


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