Never Hesitate to Get those Skis or that Board Repaired

I recently had a pair of skis that needed attention. The fine folks at New England Ski & Scuba showed me how it's done.

About a month ago, I was heading to the rack at Wachusett Mountain to get my skis and I separated them to clean off the snow before they got zipped into the bag. I took a moment to glance at the base.

"What the … ?"

"Whoa … "

"That's a bad spot … "

I found a gouge in my Salomon twin tips. I know of three other instances when I could pinpoint damage done to my skis: the halfpipe at Wachusett, the trees at Jiminy Peak and the upside down boat in Vegas. But this one was a mystery. It must have been a rock somewhere because this year's park escapades have been limited.

I had a crazy schedule coming up, so I had to bring the cruisers out over the next three weeks. I finally had a chance last week to get the twin tips fixed, courtesy of the good folks at New England Ski & Scuba on Route 83 in Vernon.

The damage wasn't an out-and-out core shot like one pair of skis in the shop, and it wasn't a smashed tip like that snowboard had a couple of weeks earlier, but sitting right next to the metal edge, the hole needed attention.

We ordered up a fill with T-tex, that lovely liquid plastic that hardens nicely and can make the base as good as new, or at least good to the next crash. 

The attached video demonstrates how they do it at New England Ski & Scuba.

A word of advice from the staff there: just get the repair done and do not chance it. The basic work starts at $5 and it's not worth ruining a pair or skis or a board.

For an idea on pricing for all repairs, check out the shop's website.


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