VIDEO: A World Record Broken in Connecticut

Two teams played kickball for 54 hours in a borough park in Naugatuck over the weekend, surpassing a 51-hour Guinness record.

NAUGATUCK -- Two kickball teams played through cold winds, rain, sleet and exhaustion in Naugatuck park to reach a record-setting goal over the weekend.

And, at 12:04 p.m. on Sunday, after 51 hours of play time with a break in between, the kickball enthusiasts cheered after surpassing the previous world record.

The teams played for a grand total of 54 hours. The previous record for longest played kickball game was 51 hours.

Event organizers said a videocamera, as well as two official recorders, were on scene to document the entire three-day game. By the time the fifty-first hour hit, the teams were in their 325th inning and the score was 160-111.

Both teams were named after cancer survivors, Juliana Beloin and Sammy Foran. All of the players garnered donations in the lead up to the game, with all of the proceeds going to CureSearch, an organization that funds doctors as they try to research a cure to child cancer.

A total of $41,000 was raised.

The teammates that brought in the top donations were as follows:

Molly Mendez - $7,625

Jason Pardy - $6,950

Sean Cummings - $2,436

Aaron Hellman - $2,000

Delia Foran - $1,500

Lenny Patterson - $1,035

Here are all the players in the game. Most were from Naugatuck and surrounding towns, while a few came from places as far as West Hartford and even Georgia.

Team Juliana (Red) Team Sammy (Green) Player Name Amount Raised Molly Mendez Aaron Hillman Jason Pardy Delia Foran Sean Cummings Lenny Patterson Jassico Raho Phil Pronvencher Stephanie Magill Stacy McPhate Josh Rigney Liz Howley Chris McGrath Kenneth Haas Ali Glenn Michael Mancini Ed Callahan Stephanie Leahy Justin Savarese Kim Brewer Lauren Vassallo Ellen Murray John Costa Kristy Gentile Kyle Settle Jonathan Nyer Megan Resser Todd Marshall Matthew Allan Catherine Nagel Paul Gramolini Jason Blackson Domanique Alston Brad Thomas Tony Cash Jason England Marjorie DeSisto Randy Johnson Francesco Gambiao Sean Choun Debbie Gentile Douglas Giordano Andrew Sabia Cheech Giordano Rena Smoklis David Martin Clark Kathan Matthew DiSorbo

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