Visit Avon Like a Tourist Before Summer's Over

Avon Patch has some suggestions, but if you have more to add, please tell us in the comments!

If you have a goal of visiting all of the towns in Connecticut by the end of the summer, you may as well start toward the top of the alphabet with Avon.

Residents, you're off to a good start already!

Avon may be a small town, but there are a lot things to do if you look for them, whether you're a longtime resident or out-of-towner.

First, a little history (some of you may have heard of this before, but here are some facts about your town). People first settled in Avon in 1645, but then it was a part of Northington, or the north parish of Farmington, according to the town website.

If you're confusing this quaint, New England town with Stratford upon Avon, you're not far off because when Avon was incorporated as its own town in 1830 it was named after Avon River in England, according to the town website.

What would Shakespeare have done if he came to Avon, CT? Avon Patch has no idea, but here are some recommendations of what you can do.

7 a.m.: Start your day off with a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich or donuts, coffee and conversation at . You can get breakfast for two for no more than $10, the food is made fresh and if you sit down at the diner-style counter, you can pick the regulars' brains about what to visit in Avon.

8 a.m.: Hit the trails or spend some time outside. You can access the bike trails from a parking lot by the old on Thompson Road or near . The Avon Land Trust also opened the on Chidsey Road last year. Another trail circles around , where many people walk their dogs or go to play soccer or baseball. If you're into fishing, is a popular spot and there is a smaller trail nearby. It's a beautiful place for a picnic if you sit by the pond by the covered bridge.

9 a.m. - If you're near Old Farms Road, take a moment to drive through the campus, or at least have a look at the iconic silo near the intersection with Scoville Road. The school was founded and designed by acclaimed architect Theodate Pope Riddle. Many prominent people have graduated from AOF, such as Sugarland's and , who just helped the LA Kings win the Stanley Cup Finals.

10 a.m. - Cool off in the recently renovated . Bring a book or peruse their selection. As long as you have a Connecticut library card, you can check books out. The library offers many programs, so go to their website to see what they have coming up. The children's section is definitely worth at least seeing.

11 a.m. - Before you go to lunch, drive by the pasture on Arch Road or along West Avon Road and see if any of the horses are out. If you're around on a Thursday night, the Horse Guards have their drills at 7 p.m. and the public is invited to watch.

Noon - Drive along West Avon Road near the Farmington line to see some of the farmland left in Avon. If you call ahead for the hours (860-670-2394), at 841 West Avon Rd. may be open and have produce for sale. The on Nod Road is another possibility, open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

1 p.m. Okay, by now you must be really hungry. To see a list of restaurants in our directory, follow the link provided. Some tasty spots are , , and . For dessert, Avon Patch recommends , which has a Wonderland of truffles, cookies, scones and other sweets.

3 p.m. If you're in town on a Sunday, the Avon Historical Society's Living Museum and Pine Grove Schoolhouse are open from 2 to 5 p.m. They're worth driving by to have a look. Don't leave Avon without driving by the historical white steeple at at the intersection of Route 44 and Route 10. The is also pretty in the sunlight and you'll find a memorial there that lists the fallen soldiers from Avon. Take a walk by the brownstone town hall buildings, which used to be owned by Ensign-Bickford. Explosives used to be manufactured there.

4 p.m. Shopping is abundant along the Route 44 corrider from Avon Marketplace to Old Avon Village. is a fun and positive store if you're looking for a boutique, jewelry or art and the new store also has various workshops. There's also if you have a colorful and funky fashion sense. And don't forget to swing by Riverdale Farms, which used to be a farm. The property is owned by the Brighenti family, longtime residents in Avon, who also own other commercial properties in town. Grab a coffee at made of coffee beans roasted in house. You can go antiquing there at the same time!

6 p.m. Wow, you've had a full day. You must be hungry again. Many Italians came to work for Ensign-Bickford back in the day and the Italian roots are evident in the Avon restaurant scene. and are popular Italian restaurants and there's a new one that just opened up called . The is another newer restaurant that sometimes hosts outdoor music.  If you go, tell us how it is! If you don't want to eat out, grab something quick at , which is worth just walking through for European market feel. They have free lemonade and coffee samples near the produce section. 

8 p.m. Your day won't be complete without dessert. An Avon staple is , which makes its own ice cream. They also have milkshakes and other frozen treats. One couple loves it so much that !

9 p.m. Unless you want to grab a drink at one of Avon's many restaurants or , which draws a younger crowd, have a safe drive home.

And don't forget to tell us in the comments what your favorite places in Avon were (or are)!  


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