Do You Have A BHAG?

Our hopes, our dreams, our goals bring shape and meaning to our lives. Re-discover yours. The world is waiting.

This is not some special rare breed of dog reserved for a select few.

No, everyone should have a BHAG.

And what an especially auspicious time of year to think about getting one!

A BHAG is a big hairy audacious goal.

If you don’t have a BHAG, you should get busy now.

You see, a true-bred BHAG lights up our life, sets us on fire; it’s one of those things that gets us up in the morning and drives us forward. A well-fed BHAG gives shape and meaning to our lives.

Everyone, yes everyone, needs a BHAG.

A BHAG can change the world:

  • Martin’s dream was a BHAG;
  • JFK’s moon program was a BHAG;
  • Edison’s light bulb was a BHAG;
  • Salk’s vaccine was a BHAG;
  • Mandela’s vision was a BHAG.

Abraham Lincoln had a BHAG; Mother Theresa had a BHAG; the Dalai Lama has a BHAG.

Thank god, for BHAGs, huh?

But BHAGs can be much more personal too, like:

  • Writing a book - that's a BHAG;
  • Running a marathon;
  • Launching a business;
  • Composing a song;
  • Getting a job;
  • Staring a family;
  • Healing a wound

Anything with a grand arc, a big palette; anything that requires us to move and stretch beyond our comfort zones qualifies as a BHAG.

Get quiet; get still. Set aside some good quality time to think about your BHAGs for the year to come. Journal them out, write them down. Make a vision board, a mind map. Brainstorm with your accountability partner, your mastermind group, your coach, your buddy, your friend. Move it outside yourself. Make it real. Commit to it. Set a deadline. Put it in motion. Now’s the time.

Without our BHAGs, our horizons become flat; our existences vanilla.

BHAGs build muscle and resiliency. They bring us face to face with frustration and failure. They bring us tears and laughter; sadness, joy and exaltation. They change the face of who we are. And like ripples in a pond, touch distant shores in ways we cannot comprehend.

BHAGs require nothing less than the full dimension of our humanity. Indeed, they are the very essence of who we are.

Sure, some BHAGs can be messy like those special breeds of dogs. But every life needs a BHAG.

And the world is waiting. So, don’t wait another minute – find yours now.



Climbing Denali, Mt. McKinley, the highest peak in North America, occupied my imagination for more than three decades. It was my BHAG. Who knows what yours might be. If you need help discovering it or bringing shape to it, give us a call. We can help.







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